Zsolt Korcsmár

What makes ChampSport different from other agencies is the way they treat their clients. We don?t just feel as a product to sell, but like we are part of an excellent team.

Rita Lakatos

As a young player at the beginning of my career, I had to make a lot of decisions that greatly influenced the future development of my career. Since lacking experience, I believe a supportive background with a sufficient experience, network, working selflessly is essential to reach my goals. Over the last years, ChampSport has always proved that they can lead on me on this way without any doubt.

Ana Gros

ChampSport has followed my whole career, we have experienced together the worst and the most beautiful moments. We have made the most important decisions together and with their support, I could consciously build my career straight from the beginning. This conscious approach was necessary to achieve the success of the past years with my performance.

Richárd Bodó

I feel safe with ChampSport, as they provide me things that other agencies could not before. I?m honoured to be a member of this team, because I really feel they take care of me, not just on the court, but also in everyday life.

Eduarda Amorim

A professional athlete who is committed to her own career has to focus only on those things that make her better or even the best. In this case, it is not beneficial to divide the attention by ideas, which do not belong to the field of sports. That’s why I have decided to ask ChampSport to support me in my career. It feels good to know that I can count on them in anything.

Allison Pineau

I feel great confidence with cooperating ChampSport. Regardless of which country I play handball in, they always keep in mind my values and priorities, keep following my life both within and outside the court. It is good to know that we are strengthening each other on the „market”.

Thierry Weizman

Amongst the colleagues of ChampSport, we got to know real professionals and correct partners to work with. During the years, they have showcased that beside their main responsibility to represent their player?s interests during negotiations, they also strive to find solutions that could satisfy all Parties demands at the end.

Andrei Luca

When our team decided to build a strong, elite team, we have significantly relied on the help of ChampSport to convince qualified players to join us. They are professional negotiating partners, who unite demands and supply in the proper way.

Amandine Leynaud

It is very important for an athlete to be surrounded by professional managers. These experts take the burdens from our shoulders to save time and energy, so we can show our best performance in our field: sports.

Cristina Neagu

A good manager is not just there for you, when your career soars, but also during the bad times. The team of ChampSport proved me that I can count on them in both situations and I feel safe to know they care for my issues